Investigation process

In circumstances where a registered teacher’s conduct falls short of the highest standards of professional ethics and conduct expected and is dismissed by their employer, GTCNI will investigate and, if necessary, remove them from the register.

Our overriding responsibility is to act in the public interest and the interests of the teaching profession.  In general we will consider a referral or allegation if: 

  • The allegation of misconduct is of a serious nature, falling significantly short of the standard of behaviour expected of a teacher; 
  • The allegation of misconduct is such that it may bring the profession into disrepute; 
  • The conviction of an offence relevant to being a registered teacher.

Our responsibility is to ensure that a registered teacher is suitable to be a member of the teaching profession in Northern Ireland.

If an allegation of misconduct or conviction of a relevant offence is proven and it is found that the behaviour is fundamentally incompatible with being a teacher, the only sanction available is to recommend to the Council that it make an Order to remove them from the Register. 

Any decision made by Council can be published and this may include notification on GTCNI’s website.

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