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Schools and employers should check a prospective teacher’s registration status, before they begin working in a school.

GTCNI offer an online service to enable teachers, employers, prospective employers and others to Search the Register. This online service provides live information on the registration status of all registered teachers.

Access to Information on the Register

Information held on the register

The information held on an individual teacher’s record includes the teacher’s name, school, contact address, qualifications and employment history. GTCNI recognises the confidential nature of your information and will ensure full compliance with Data Protection Legislation. Employers are urged to keep the Council informed of any changes of details relating to registered teachers in their employment, for example, changes of address, surname or school. For more information download the Access to Information on the Register document.

Registered Teachers

As a registered teacher you can access all the information held on your teacher record. Requests for confirmation of your registration status or a full print out of your record can be made by contacting the Registration Team.


Employing Authorities and Schools can check a teachers’ registration status by Searching the Register or by contacting the Registration Team by phone or email. Employers can receive further information on a registered teacher by making a request in writing to the Registration Team.

Information for Employers

General Public

Access to the Register of Teachers is not limited to teachers and employers. Any member of the public is entitled to be told whether or not a teacher is registered with the GTCNI. If you wish to check a teachers’ registration status you can Search the Register or contact the Registration Team. This will only confirm if a teacher is registered.

Data Protection

The data supplied by registered teachers, applicants, and the data relating to a teacher held on the Register will be processed in accordance with GTCNI’s functions, as defined in the Education (NI) Order 1998, the General Data Protection Regulations and the General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland (Registration of Teachers) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2004. For more information on how we will protect and use this data please view our Privacy Notice.

GTCNI will also use this data to undertake statistical analysis on an anonymous basis to inform policy development and to enable us to promote equality of opportunity and diversity within the teaching profession.

Keeping your record up to date

GTCNI is committed to making its Register of Teachers as up to date and accurate as possible. All registered teachers are encouraged to update their own teacher record. If you change school, home address or your name, please let the Registration Team know immediately. They can help you update your details. You can also manage your record by logging into your MyGTCNI account.

If you want to talk to us about your registration, please contact the Registration Team by phone (028) 9033 3390 or email:

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