StoriesCouncil Election Results 2019

Council Election Results 2019

The election for teacher representatives to the General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland 2019 has been completed in accordance with the Scheme of Elections and verified by the Independent Scrutineer.

The following teachers have been duly elected to serve on the General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland as teacher representatives for a term of four years from the date of election:

Nursery School representative

  • Sonia McGowan

Special School representative

  • Julian Morgan 

Primary School Teacher representatives

  • Stuart Bill
  • Ciara Duffy
  • Shaunagh Lambe
  • Lisa Magennis
  • Catriona Mullan

Secondary School Teacher representatives

  • Dr David Baxter
  • Siobhan McElhinney
  • Brendan Morgan
  • Susan Parlour
  • Keith Smith

Primary School Principal representative

  • Dr Graham Gault

Secondary School Principal representative

  • Fiona Kane

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