StoriesGTCNI STAR Award Winner 2019 – Sophie Millar

GTCNI STAR Award Winner 2019 – Sophie Millar

Sophie begins our 2019 Three Minute Interview and gives us her perspective as a prize winner of the STAR Award and graduating student from St Mary’s University. 

As a GTCNI STAR award winner – How might you use your prize?

I actually met my fiancé at University, who proposed to me at the end of my final year, so the prize will definitely be useful for our upcoming wedding! 

Who or what has been your biggest influence or inspiration?

My own RE teachers for sure. They showed me what it meant to teach in an engaging way, but also to meet all needs of students and build up good relationships. Also, my dad, he really showed me what it meant to be hardworking and determined.  

After graduation have you any career plans lined up?

I will be staying in Northern Ireland and be subbing in schools. This will hopefully build up a good network of schools.  

What challenges do you face entering the teaching profession?

Obtaining permanent, full–time employment and getting used to working as a newly qualified teacher with a full time–table and class responsibilities. 

What (teaching level) and subjects do you plan to teach?

I plan to teach post–primary Religious Studies, so students between the ages of 11–18 years old. I can also teach Geography and Health and Social Care. 

Do you feel the GTCNI STAR Award is a valuable incentive for student during their teacher training?

It is a wonderful incentive for students during their years at university. It allows them to see their hard work will be recognised. Teacher–training is very different from other university courses, it is hard and balancing placements and lectures can be difficult. The award helps to motivate students to reach their full potential.   

What support/service would you expect to get from GTCNI, your professional regulatory body?

The service already provides excellent support for teachers. Perhaps more support helping NQT’s know more about life after university and entering the teaching profession.

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