StoriesNew Save the Children Report

New Save the Children Report

Save the Children has delivered parental engagement programmes in schools across Northern Ireland since 2010.

A new report from Save the Children, publish in August 2019, is based on the perspectives of education professionals in primary schools seeks to increase understanding about current practice in Northern Ireland and strengthen the case for prioritising investment in a parental engagement implementation plan.

The consultation focused on the experiences of primary school teachers and principals and their experience of what matters and what works, what hinders or enables parental engagement and their recommendations on the way forward.

In the report Save the Children define parental engagement as:

“How parents can best be supported to develop the skills and confidence to engage in their children’s learning at home. It’s about ensuring parents have the tools and means to engage in play–based activities that boost early learning activities at home. It’s about ensuring quality interactions that are based on what we know works to support children’s early language, communication, literacy and numeracy development.”

For more information about the Save the Children Families Connect programme please contact Laura

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