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Learning Leaders

The Department of Education Teacher Professional Learning Strategy – Learning Leaders – sets out a framework for professional development.

The Learning Leaders strategy sets out a strategic vision for every teacher:

“Every teacher is a learning leader, accomplished in working collaboratively with all partners in the interests of children and young people.”

Underpinning this vision there are three key strategic objectives:

  • the development of an agreed Teacher Professional Learning Framework;
  • the promotion of collaborative working and sharing of best practice through professional learning communities and networks; and
  • the strengthening of leadership capacity in our schools.

The Strategy document represents the starting point of a process of engagement, consensus, and implementation. Next steps will include the development of a coherent career–long teacher professional learning framework which will support teachers and schools to identify and, where possible, lead their own development. 

The DE teacher professional learning strategy – Learning Leaders

GTCNI are working in collaboration with educational partners to develop a new framework on leadership competences.

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