Our mission & our values

Our vision is to represent the professional interests of teachers with a fresh and authoritative perspective.

This is set out in our mission statement:

The GTCNI is dedicated to enhancing the status of the profession by promoting the highest standards of professional conduct and practice. We promote the development of professional communities of practice characterised by a commitment to excellence and a culture of respect, integrity and cooperation.

We will continue to work in collaboration with the profession and key stakeholders across the education sector in NI to promote teacher professionalism by: 

  • advocating the highest standards of professional conduct and practice; 
  • ensuring that everyone wishing to teach in Northern Ireland schools is appropriately qualified, registered and regulated; 
  • promoting career–long professional development and providing government and employing authorities with recommendations for enhancing teachers’ career–long professional development; and 
  • providing an authoritative voice on behalf of the profession, informed by reliable research, evidence and practice. 

The values underpinning our day–to–day activities are to promote and demonstrate: Trust, Respect, Integrity, Accountability, Fairness, Equality and a Commitment to Service.

Integrity, passion & excellence form the foundation of our organisation.

Our goal is to support professional excellence; and deliver sustainable quality services for all teachers, and our educational partners across Northern Ireland.

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